Who are we?

It was in December 2015 that the entity Pharma Express SARL was born out of the desire of its founder Jordan COHEN to bring the medicine closer to the patient.

The company's goal was to promote continuity of care by offering a home delivery service for patients unable to travel.

With this experience of distribution in a pharmaceutical environment, the Pharma Express team was interested in the possibilities of distributing health products on a larger scale, reinforcing its network and its skills in this sense.

Over the past 3 years, the company has developed TESSAN, a complete teleconsultation solution, from the implementation of a connected cabin to the creation of health centers composed of doctors employed by the company.

The gradual spread of the epidemic during the winter of 2019 is prompting the Pharma Express team to keep a close eye on the market for personal protective equipment and medical devices useful in the fight against a spread of infectious disease.

Sourcing of manufacturers of this type of products is being set up and Pharma Express is then able to source from rigorously selected factories.

In the midst of the pandemic and containment, many communities, pharmacies, hospital groups and private companies call upon Pharma Express to provide everything necessary to eradicate the pandemic.

This is how AJAN, the second entity of Pharma Express, was born in 2020.

On March 11, 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic, unprecedented in its nature and scope, is declared a pandemic by the WHO.

Developed in 2020, AJAN is a hyper-growth start-up that was created to address the hygiene and health needs associated with the crisis.

To do so, the second entity of the Pharma Express group is adapting by offering solutions to fight against Covid-19 with a focus on massive screening campaigns and the sale of certified Personal Protective Equipment.

With our product range and turnkey solutions, we make it possible to be one step ahead of the health risks around us.